Edward Heron-Allen
Edward Heron-Allen outside Large Acres, 1922


Pam Thompson will be giving a talk
on January 30 at 18.30
for Birkbeck Music Society.
The talk is entitled
Edward Heron-Allen: polymath or dilettante? Violins, palmistry, fossils and notoriety.

Edward Heron-Allen's A Fatal Fiddle

The Society

The Heron-Allen Society was formed at a meeting at the West Sussex Record Office in Chichester on 5th June 2000.

The objectives of the Society are to study and record all aspects of the life and interests of Edward Heron-Allen, 1861-1943 and to promote his work.

It is with special thanks to his grandson, Ivor Jones, that we are able to bring you the information contained on these pages. All material by Edward Heron-Allen, either under his own name or the various pseudonyms that he employed, is copyright the Estate of Heron-Allen.