Edward Heron-Allen
Edward Heron-Allen

Heron-Allen Society Newsletter No. 41

Newsletter No. 41

  • In Memory of our Chairman, Timothy John McCann (1944-2022)
  • James January-McCann,'Eulogy delivered at tim McCann's funeral at St Joseph's Church Havant by his son James'
  • Pam and David Thompson; John Whittaker; Peter Horton; John and Barbara Mahoney; Joan Navarre; Juiet Field, Tributes to Tim McCann from Members
  • Merlin Holland; Francis Beretti; Venetia Jones; Brian Hulan; Minoo and Alan Lord, Short tributes from Members in response to Tim's death
  • Maira Canzonieri; Roger Cline; Kevin Chanot; Ray Russell; Joan Navarre, Immediate email responses to the notice of Tim's death
  • Tim and early cricket
  • Alan Readman, 'Remebering Tim McCann'
  • Bob Forest, 'Ella Hallward and Edward Heron-Allen'


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